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#TheVixen Asks Is #Anal Sex For You? #taboo

Welcome to our first official post her at Taboo II. I'm Luscious Lia and with me today is my alter ego, The Vixen. She's trying out the waters so to speak. You see, Tony and I have been trying to woo her away from her current digs to hang out here with us. Today she stopped in for a visit and what do you know she's finally agreed!

It's not like you gave me much of a choice, Lia. You know I'm a sucker for those lime and jalapeno margaritas. Every single time I drop by, Tony has a pitcher of them ready and waiting. How could I keep away any longer? I have to say, you've done a wonderful job getting this place up and running. Now that I've decided to make a few changes in my hectic world, I thought I'd take you two up on your offer. I think Taboo II is the perfect place for The Vixen to hang out.

Looks like you've chosen a topic to discuss today that many folks are curious about but are afraid to ask questions. How about I turn it over to you while I help Tony with the drink orders. We have a full house tonight. The locals heard you were coming and turned out in droves!

Thanks, Lia. I recognize many of the folks here tonight. Glad you all followed me here. Tonight's topic is anal sex and is it right for you.

Backdoor action, fifth base, corn hole, ride the Hershey Highway, bite the pillow—no matter what phrase you use it's all anal sex.  

For some folks, the curiosity alone isn't enough for them to try this. It's the fear it's going to hurt that keeps many away. It's also the false portrayals of anal sex in movies and porn in particular that freak many out and keep them from even talking with their partner about it.

I found this extremely informative Youtube video about this very subject. The webcast features a gay man answering a woman's questions about anal sex. I mean, who better to ask about it? 

Wasn't that a great video? Did you catch the key bit of information there near the end?  Not everyone is made to enjoy anal sex, male or female. That's just the way it is.  If you don't like how it feels for YOU, then you need to communicate that with your partner. As the "bottom" or "receiver," YOU are the one in control. 

Still with me? Do you think you'd like to give it a try?  Okay, first things first, let's put together your uh..."toy" list of supplies.
1. LUBE, LUBE LUBE: silicone based is best because it doesn't dry out on you.
2. Finger cots and condoms: You start off with the cots to cover fingers and work your way up to the condoms. Remember you're dealing with an area that his a high amount of bacteria and the tissue of the rectum is thinner than that of the vagina. It's more susceptible to tears and infection. 
3. Anal toys such as butt plugs, thin prostate vibrators, dildos and anal beads.  Now of course you won't be using all of these things for your first time, but it's good to have them in your "toy" box once you find out you do enjoy this sort of toy play. You'll notice that anal toys have flared ends and/or long handles. You don't want one of your toys to get "sucked up" inside. Trust me.  ;)
5. Books or videos about anal sex for beginners. There are several articles on Good Vibrations website for free. 
6. Other toys: strap ons. Assuming you're a woman, you can be a top during anal sex with a strap on. Use silicone based dildos and lots of lube.

Got that gang? Lube is extremely important especially when you're just starting out. Anal sex can be quite pleasurable for all parties involved if you take you time and use tons of lube to avoid injury.

So after doing a bit of research and you still want to give it a try, I have a few more words of advice for you. 
1. Anal sex will NOT prevent you from catching an STD. So condoms are a must even if you know for a fact your partner is "clean."
2. If you're the "bottom" and something doesn't feel right, TELL YOUR PARTNER. Don't just bite the pillow and take it until he's done. (or she's done if your top is wearing a strap on.)
3. Always use lots of lube. Movie and porn portrayals showing the bottom immediately ready for anal sex as soon as the clothes come off are WRONG! You need the lube to keep everything slipping and sliding for everyone's pleasure.
4. RELAX. If you tighten up, nothing is going to happen.
5. GO SLOW. This goes along with #4. If your partner enters you slowly, you're able to relax and allow him further entry. 
6. Choose the position that feels good to you and your partner.
7. Never EVER go from anal sex directly to vaginal sex. This should be self explanatory but there are some who just can't grasp this concept. Don't go spreading bacteria such as E.coli up your vajayjay! Got it? Good!
8. Finally: if after trying it and you find it's really not for you, that's okay. It's not your thing. It doesn't make you any less adventurous in the bedroom. The most important thing here is that both you and your partner ENJOY the experience.

Until next time my sassy ones!
~The Vixen

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