Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pardon our dust...

We've been talking about it for some time now and Tony and I thought we'd invite you in to get a look at what we've been doing behind the scenes to get ready for the grand opening of Taboo II, our adults only club that will be a permanent part of Temptations Resort.

This is the place to be for all the dark fantasy erotica, BDSM, fetishes—everything that's NOT vanilla. Think of it as the "Members Only" part of The House of Taboo. There you'll still get our usual fair, authors we enjoy and fun had by all. Here, you'll get to explore all your kink, all the time. There are a few ground rules here...

No scat or urine play. No bestiality. You want that sort of thing, you open your own club/blog. Taboo and Taboo II belong to me. My club, my rules. Period. End of story.

If that appeals to ya, pull up a stool here at the bar and share a pitcher or two of Tony's special spicy jalapeno and lime margaritas.

Come back again and see what more we'll have in store for you and all our friends...

Until next time,
~Luscious Lia