Sunday, July 6, 2014

#SinfullySassySundays: #TheVixen Asks Who's Better At Oral Sex?

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great Fourth of July weekend. Tony and I are taking it easy after the private party we had here at Taboo II last night. The group nearly cleaned us out of tequila but I'm happy to say our suppliers came through and we're fully stocked once again! LOL

The Vixen is back this week with another fun discussion and one of my favorite topics. Oral sex. There are those who love to give and those who love to receive, but the best is when you have give and take from all parties involved. 

Come on in and take your seats. I'll be around with the margaritas momentarily. Take it away Vixen!

Welcome to Taboo II and Sinfully Sassy Sunday with me...The Vixen. I'm your guide to all things sinful, sassy, naughty and oh so taboo. This week I'm asking the age old question:

Who should you turn to as an expert in the art of oral pleasures?

It's actually a trick question. You can debate it all you want but truth of the matter is women know more about how to "eat out" another woman and men know all the right moves to suck off another man.  Think about it. Who better to know what feels good than someone of the opposite sex? 

Now before you get your silk thongs in a bunch and say you don't swing that way, let me clarify my uh...position.  Communication is always the key to any pleasurable experience between two or more partners. This is how you figure out each other's likes and dislikes. That part comes afterward. What I'm talking about is the basics. You know, Cunnilingus and Fellatio 101.

Where can you get such lessons if you're in a heterosexual relationship and want to enjoy oral sex with your partner? How many of you have turned to Cosmopolitan magazine for tips and how to instructions?  Come on don't be shy. My hand is right up there just like Horshack in Welcome Back Kotter.  The articles in that magazine are a godsend to many just figuring out what to do for the first time, or trying to perfect their techniques.  The best advice articles about blow jobs were written by men or at least featured the comments from men about what they liked.  

Same is true for the male "students." When they needed help taking their woman over the edge, it's the advice and tips from other women that help the most.  Girl on girl porn is a great way for guys to enjoy the learning experience. Not only do they get to see how to use their tongues, mouths and fingers, they get the ultimate fantasy of two chicks together. LOL!

Gay and bisexual men are fabulous wells of information on how to rock another man's world. Just like in my post on anal sex, who better to ask about bringing another man to orgasm and beyond than another dude?  

Of course the only way to bring your skills on par with the "experts" is to practice, practice, practice. Study hard, do your homework every single day, and communicate with your partner to find out what works best for both of you. If you take the time to do it right, your partner will advance you to the next level in no time! 
What's the next level?  hehehe  That's for another day, grasshopper.  See you soon!

~The Vixen

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