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#SinfullySasySundays: It Really Does Exist! #TheVixen Talks About the G-Spot

Welcome back to Sinfully Sassy Sundays here at Taboo II. Come on in and find yourself a seat. Lia and Tony will be around in a few moments with your margaritas. Today's special is the cucumber jalapeno version. It's cool and spicy all at the same time...just like me! 

For those of you who are visiting for the first time, I'm The Vixen. I'm your guide to all things sinful, sassy, wicked, wanton and oh so taboo. If it's naughty, you can be sure we'll talk about it here. 

Today is all about the mysterious part of the female body that many feel simply doesn't exist. Since they can't find it or replicate the sensations it can produce in every single woman on the planet, these people choose to believe the G spot is nothing but a myth.

Well, I call BULLSHIT!

That's right. In spite of what some so called researchers have concluded, the "elusive" G-spot really does exist. Apparently, a group of Israeli and American researchers reviewed over 96 published studies and they concluded that since science cannot pinpoint the EXACT location of said erogenous zone, it simply does not exist.

I wonder how many of those researchers were men? ;) 

It's funny how women all over the world have experienced the stimulation of this hot spot and can say without a doubt it really does exist...just like those come fuck me eyes you read about in Playboy! 

Take a look at this video put together by the Good Vibrations sex expert. Don't let her grandmotherly appearance fool you. This woman is a firecracker!

So if a group of scientists and researchers can't find the G-spot, how the hell are you and your partner going to be successful? First of all, RELAX. If you are so hell bent on finding this specific area, you are going to miss out on a lot of fun. Secondly, don't be frustrated if you haven't found it yet. Your specific zone may be bigger or smaller than someone else's. Get to know your body and all the little triggers that will get you off. 

For some women, the only way they can reach the spot themselves is to use toys. The curved ones work the best. They can be manipulated during solo play to get at the right angle to reach the G-spot with enough pressure and vibration. 

When with a partner, using fingers during oral sex is a MUST! I haven't found a toy out there (yet!) that can mimic that come hither or running man motion that can be done with fingers. Think of it as strumming a guitar. Sure you can get some "noise" just tapping the strings, but when you strum them at various speeds, you get beautiful music!

Are there any specific positions to be in in order to stimulate the "gush zone?" You better believe it honey! The best ones allow you to be able to control the depth, thrust style and position so you can find what works best for you. I found a blog article discussing three favorite positions. Ride 'em Cowboy, Doggy Style, and Your Highness are all explained HERE. Go ahead and take a look. We'll wait for you. ;)

There are other props that can help you get into the best positions to hit the G-spot during sex. You can use extra bed pillows to prop your pelvis into the right angle for deeper penetration. There are even wedges of various shapes and sizes that can be a fun addition to your toy chest. 

The most important lesson here is that you too can find your G-spot. It may not be in the exact spot that some claim it's in, but that doesn't matter. The fun is in the exploration to find it. The explosions that occur once you find it? Those are just frosting on the cake with a cherry on top! 

~The Vixen

 Note: All toys shown in this article can be found at the adult  toy store, Good Vibrations HERE.

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