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#SinfullySassySunday: #TheVixen Explores Sensual and Erotic Wax Play

Welcome to Sinfully Sassy Sundays at Taboo II: Kisses After Dark.  I'm "The Vixen" aka Tammy Dennings Maggy and your guide to all things sinfully sassy, wickedly wanton, freakishly forbidden and temptingly taboo. My goal as always is to help you discover your inner freaky vixen every single day of the week. Sometimes I'll have guests, and other times it will just be me and Luscious Lia chatting over our favorite spicy margaritas.

Speaking of Lia, what do you think of what she's done to the new place? The name change came about because of her friends The Candy Kisses Gang. Kisses After Dark is the name of their new adult themed restaurant and club. She's joined forces with them to create this joint venture on Temptation Island. More on that to come in future posts so keep checking back here and at House of Taboo for updates.

This week I'd like to talk a bit about a new interest for me. I've had a little fantasy I've been saving up for a rainy day so to speak. I've seen movies and videos that depict this fetish, but have been a little shy about trying it out myself. It's wax play.  

Now I'm not talking about the hot wax treatments used to remove "unwanted hair" from specific body parts. No way in hell do I want to end up like this... 

Yeah, no. I'll stick to the good old fashioned way to keep the beaver nice and smooth thank you very much!

I want to talk about using hot wax during sex play. Now there are a few things you should know before you get started with it. Those fancy schmancy colored and scented candles aren't what you'll want to be using here. NOOOOOO!    Those kind burn at a hotter temperature and the additives in them are more apt to cause irritation (besides burns).  

The best wax is the kind that melts at a lower temperature: paraffin or soy wax. The plain white cheap candles tend to be the best when you're first starting out. Sure you can work up to the higher heat candles if that's your thing, but for now let's stick to the newbie set up shall we? The ideal temperature of the wax shouldn't be over 125 degrees Fahrenheit. If you use a melting pot with a temperature gauge, you'll be able to keep the wax at the desired temperature. Soy and paraffin wax melt at around 133 degrees but beeswax melts near 150 degrees. Please keep that in mind when participating in this kind of play. Blisters and burns are no fun and can put a damper on play time for a while until they are healed.

As with all sex play you must consider SAFETY FIRST. Use an old sheet or drop cloth to cover your play area. Solidified wax isn't always easy to get out of carpeting or bedding so make sure you use something you won't mind gets a permanent coating of wax drips and droplets. 

Put your candles or melting pots on a secure, flat surface to avoid accidents and it's probably a good idea to have a small fire extinguisher at the ready.  Use towels, cold wash clothes and ice for the recipients of the wax. The ice in particular adds another dimension to the hot/cold experience. The same can be said for cold champagne. ;) (The first part of this video is all you need to watch. The rest of it is a documentary that has nothing to do with our discussion today.)

Notice how Madonna held up the candle high above Willem Defoe's body? It's not just a way to raise his anticipation level. Pouring the melted wax from that height allows it to partially cool as it falls. It's still quite warm when it hits the skin, but not as hot as it was pooling in the top of the candle itself.

I mentioned earlier the use of melting pots for your wax. This is great for keeping the appropriate temperature of the wax and for using different instruments such as paint brushes, ladles, and your partners hands.  That's right. There's nothing more sensual for both of you then having your partner smear hot wax over your body with their own fingertips. The sensation is hard to describe. You'll have to experience it yourself to fully understand.  

With the paint brushes, some kinksters have actually used colored wax to write or create other cool designs over their partner's body. By melting crayons (nontoxic) in with the paraffin, they can create the colors desired. It's probably best to try out small areas with each color on the skin and wait 24 hours to see if there is any reaction. If not, then those colors are good to use in your next wax play session.

Now once you've experienced this kind of play, tested out what you do and don't enjoy about it, you can take it up a notch by bringing the candles closer to your body as you dribble the wax. This will raise the temperature of the liquid that touches your body. As you get used to that, and if you wish for more, you can try the beeswax type of candles.  There's no set rule that says you have to go to the hotter wax. 

YOU do what YOU enjoy. Plain and simple.  

For more information, here are a few articles for you to check out offering general information about wax play. 

Here's something to work up to if you desire...Enjoy!
~The Vixen

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