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#SinfullySassySundays: TheVixen Has Found Bizarre #SexToys for More #Fetish Fun

Welcome back to Sinfully Sassy Sunday here at Taboo II: Kisses After Dark.  I'm The Vixen and your guide to all things sassy, sinful and oh so taboo. If it's naughty with kink, I'm your gal!  My goal with these posts is to not only entertain you, but help you bring out your inner vixen every day of the week.  

One of my most popular posts on another blog had been one showcasing bizarre sex toys. I thought it would be fun to revisit that topic and scoured the Internet for more items to shock...err...surprise you. I've found some that were just plain WRONG on so many levels and those will not make an appearance here. 

The following will still serve my purpose so hold on to your nipple clamps and get ready for some more of the most bizarre sex toys on the market.

Clone A Willy

Got the urge to create your own vibrating dildo that's a perfect clone of your lover's Johnson? Well, this product is for you! It's got everything you need to help craft the perfect sex toy to use any time you wish. You can find it and a few other cloning kits from Lovehoney.

Pig Tail Butt Plug

 This one is self explanatory. For those of you interested in a little  tongue in "cheek" anal play, you'll want this one for your own collection. It's also a good addition to use in fetish play using a variety of dildos and anal plugs with an adornment such as this, horse hair or leather strips.

Hello Kitty Vibrators

Okay so I'm probably going to go to Hades for this one, but remember I'm not the one who came up with it! LOL This is the perfect gift for your sweetie with a Hello Kitty obsession. They come in a variety of colors so they'll match any decor.  Go ahead and get several to match both of your moods. They'll look cute next to the BDSM Hello Kitty plush toy! 

Foot Fetish Anyone?

This is one thing The Vixen isn't keen on, but there are many out there who are. Traveling and in need of a fix? These bad boys are just the trick. You can even find some that have openings in the heel to simulate a vagina. How that makes the fantasy work, I haven't figured out yet, but to each his/her own!

The Squee

Just the name alone got my attention   Then I saw the picture and wiggled in my seat. This one has to be in my toy box, and soon.  Oh Mr. Vixen!!!  hehehe  If you can't figure out what this bad boy can do for you then we really need to talk.  This toy gives life to the term "motor boating."  ;)

Now here's a couple life sized dolls for you. They're a bit pricey, but rumor has it, they're all the rage in Japan. Well what do you expect from the country and culture who gave us Anime porn? 

Japanese Silicone Dolls

These beauties are made of silicone and completely poseable. There are about a half dozen different faces you can choose from for your doll. These things are so lifelike, I had to check out a few different photos to be sure they weren't actually flesh and blood models pretending to be dolls.  

To go one step further, you can order another type of doll that has built in touch sensors. So...when you touch it in the right way she MOANS!!!  

My sassy ones, meet Honey Doll Moans...

The MP3 player inside the doll plays the prerecorded sounds or you can record your own. I'll stick with the real deal thank you very much!

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat

And yes this is another on my "Honey I want this" list. (Mr. Vixen is scribbling away at the moment. Not sure if he's making a list for me or for himself!)  This bouncy little number is inflatable, vibrates and is able to hold some of us BBW's with ease.  THAT's my kind of toy! It sports a stable, flat bottom so you can get your bucking bronco groove on without having to worry about falling off.

Going through all of these toys made me laugh and remember the first post I did on bizarre sex toys. There is one that I still have to get and the one I'll leave you with today. The video for it says it all!

Until next week, my lovelies
~The Vixen

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