Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cover Reveal for #HardROCKHarlots 4 from Author @kendallgrey1

Hello all! It's The Vixen again and I'm back to hit you with another surprise. My friend and fellow author Kendall Grey is ready to release the cover for ROCK (Hard Rock Harlots 4).

As I already told you yesterday, this one is all about the tough as nails, bad ass bassist Letty Dillinger. She's the heart and soul of this series and the gel that holds them all together whether she realizes it or not. She's a no holds barred, kick you in the junk kind of broad and I think I love her.

No. I know I love the hell out of her. She joins Jenna Jameson, Joan Jett, and Lita Ford as one of my top girl crushes. When you read this series you'll know why but for now, here's the cover of the book that tells more of her story...

Coming March 3rd

This is my fave version but as you know, Amazon and a few other retailers may not allow this cover, so here is the one that you may see on March 3rd.

So what do you think? Which one is your favorite? Add a comment below and on release day, I will pick one lucky person from the comments to receive a copy of Kendall's book. I'll buy it and happily support a fellow author and friend.

Go on. Tell us what you think and you just may get a copy of this book as a thank you!
Rock on!
~The Vixen


  1. Thanks for sharing the cover, Vixen! I'm honored that Letty's one of your top girl faves. You made my day! <3

  2. You're very welcome! You and Letty are welcome here anytime. Taboo always has the margaritas flowing!